Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Rose is A Rose is a Rose

Randy had one request, he wanted to see Gertrude Stein’s home. We left the hotel and went in search of the Jardins du Luxembourg.
We passed this lively square, I wanted to stop and have a refreshment, but Randy kept me on task.
We then found this wonderful shop which sold very old Jules Verne Books. The display was so rich and colorful we were drawn in.Illustres Romantiques! The sign claimed. And indeed they were. We wanted to buy a gift at this fabu shop for our friend Rodney.
But alas, the shop keeper was down at the Horse's Tavern, on the square. We found the Jardins du Luxembourg. The gardens were lush and colorful. Randy commented that although English Gardens are "nature the way it ought be", this garden was very French: nature subjugated." The topiary makes this perfectly clear.
It was the time in the evening when the sun was setting turning everything golden. We strolled through and just enjoyed the beauty.
The Senate was lovely. It made me think Louis the XIV, The Sun King.

As we exited the park we realized we had made it just in time. The park closed at dusk. These poor boys were not allowed in.
We found Rue de Fleurus across the street. Gertrude Stein's apartment was a few blocks away.
It was a beautiful block.
We feel in love with this building.And then, Voila! There it was. Randy swooned and reminisced about GS and Alice B. Toklas until I had to slap him.
We oohed and awed. Took a few photos and decided it was time to toast GS and her contribution to the Art world.
It was a lovely building. We wondered who lived in GS's apartment.
We ordered a glass of Rose at a nearby cafe
and watched the sunset over Paris.All text and pictures are property of The Gypsy Chef.


  1. Thanks for the stroll through Paris! The light there is different from anywhere else--especially in the late afternoon. Wonderful photos!

  2. Thanks, Kate. The light in Paris is magical.