Monday, September 28, 2009

We've Arrived!

Randy refuses to travel unless it's First Class. Consequently we arrived in Vichy feeling relaxed and refreshed. Lynn picked us up and we immediately went to Chez Minor and Kiki, translated as Dick and Pussy Resto. From First Class to Low Class in one quick swoop. Honest, I didn't make that up. Chez Minou and Kiki is a small village resto in Espinasse Vozelle. They cook for the workers in the town. Our first course was Moules au Gratin, or Mussels au Gratin. Superb!
The plat du jour was a simple venison with a Bordelaise Sauce and the most wonderful Pommes au Fromage, garnished with sauteed wild mushrooms.
What would lunch be without a cheese course?
For dessert we had a lovely Framboise Tart. Fresh, not too sweet with a bit of cream piped around each slice. It looked so good I had a bite before I remembered to take a pic!
We finished with a cafe noir.
The Chef Minou is a genius. When Minnou appeared we applauded his efforts.
Kiki was divine. A gracious hostess.
The ride to aux Jardins des Thevenets was lovely. The hills under a perfect blue sky with cumulus clouds looked like a Turner landscape. The afternoon was a feast for the senses.All text and pictures are property of The Gypsy Chef.

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