Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tennesse BBQ

I've spent the last 6 weeks traveling and I'm not done yet. I've tried to put out a few posts but lack of WiFi or just plain inertia kept me from my duty. So after reading Kate's post at Serendipity. I decided to take the bull by the horns or actually by the rib and just post. So here goes...
I'm in Winfield, Tn visiting my sister. It's a rural farming area, much different from my neighborhood. Due to traveling, I have a habit of keeping my eyes wide open. That's why I spied the BBQ stand, Fat Baby's Meats, while we were headed down the highway. 
My sister made an immediate U turn and we parked in front of a BBQ smoker and grill. Thank goodness I had my iphone and was able to take a few pics. 
My mouth was watering and I couldn't wait to bite into anything. Seriously. 
Anything Bar-B-Qued.
The stand was maned by Ray and Dustin Kennedy. A father and son operation. Dustin made his own dry rubs and BBQ sauce. The baby back ribs were wonderful, meaty, and falling off the bone tender. I polished off several before I came up for air. I ask Dustin where he learned his technique and he told me he trained for five years with a French chef. The stand was so busy ( and I couldn't stop eating) so we really didn't have much time to chat. 
However I found out it was his butcher shop and he's out here every weekend smoking ribs, pork shoulder for pulled pork, bologna (this is Tennessee after all) polish sausage and hamburgers. People around us were ordering slices of bologna, ribs and sausages which were served on buns.
Everything smelled delicious. I immediately ordered a rack of ribs. Ray pored the signature BBQ sauce into a styro cup. Dustin said he didn't need to cut them up because they were so tender they would pull apart. They did! I stood in the parking lot, eating ribs, the sauce dripping off my fingers. 
We opted for more ribs, smoked bologna and sausages. We headed home to feed the troops and glory in our new found largesse. Yes, it was a wonderful lunch. I may cruise tonight looking for more BBQ. 
Meanwhile accept my apologies for my neglect of my blog and yours. I'm back in the saddle. 
I've got loads to blog, I had a terrific visit with Kate and Dan, Mel and Vic and Jenny. Just to mention a few. So hang in there I'll be posting more stuff! By the way, this truck pulled into the parking lot for BBQ and just never left. I'm tempted to do the same.
All photos and text belong to The Gypsy Chef.