Friday, September 25, 2009

Bush, Crepes, Oysters and the 9th

We started in Chicago, traveled to Washington Dulles, changed planes and flew to Brussels, and then when we thought we couldn't log another mile, we caught a train to Gare de Nord in Paris. I booked the Parisian Hotel in the 9th.

A cute but edgy neighbornood. Chelsea in the 70's. Lots of beautiful architectural highlights.
Starving we sat in the Cerperie next door and ordered a Champignons et Fromage Crepe and of course for me, Nutella and Banana.
Jean did not mind the photos. I snapped away.
He talked a blue streak, explaining his technique. He lovingly browned the crepe filled it with sauteed mushroom, gruyere cheese and sel et poivre. Carefully he folded the crepe and served it hot, steamy and full of melted cheese!Absolute heaven!

With the same care he prepared the Nutella crepe. He then congratulated us on having George Bush as a former President! He carried on for a full ten minutes. So astounded we never said a word. As it turned out, he was from Iraq and was grateful the US had bombed the daylights out of it. Across the street we found a very small restaurant. They only served Normandy Oysters and Muscadet wine. It was a perfect dinner.
With just a squeeze of lemon, they tasted of the sea, The wine was perfect with the salty taste. We were grateful no one mentioned politics.
We then hopped the Metro for a trip to La Tour Eiffel, with a stop at the Arc de Triomphe
Not having a tripod with me, I couldn't do it justice.
However, my daylight photography still has it going on!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day. Love the photos!

  2. Oh, pooh! I wish I'd known you were coming through Brussels... Next time let me know, ok??

  3. Paris is a beautiful beautiful place! You're so lucky to be there. And the crisp look so deliciously thin and nice. Monthwatering!