Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Baby Girl, The Princess

She made it. My baby girl graduated high school with flying colors! She navigated her way through the through the maze of nursery, elementary, middle and high school. She found her way by making friends, kicking evil to the curb and triumphing over physics and AP French.   She's off to NYU and new adventures. She has a plan but  no idea what fate holds in store for her. It's a crapshoot Princess. Embrace life and adventure with all ya got, but keep your wits about you. Remember all that we've taught you. 

1. Never say yes when you want to say no.
2. Always keep your "go to hell" money in your wallet. Don't spend it carelessly, save it for that moment when you need to leave under your own steam.
3. Call me if you need me, I will move heaven and earth to help you.
4. Always leave a place in better condition than you found it. That includes your own body.
5. Drugs and alcohol are just a way of controlling you, don't let them get the chance.
6. There are people who will want to do you harm, recognize them Princess and leave them in the dust.
7. Remember I will always love and cherish you.  


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