Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Diderot Flea Market, or How I Bought New Flatware

We left for the D'Orsey Musem and headed for the metro. On our way we discovered the Saturday Morning Street Fair on Blvd. Diderot. We walked around and looked at the offerings.

Randy cam close to buying this fab cork screw. But priced at 60 Euros, it seemed a bit over the top.
We spied this women and couldn't decide if her hair or sneakers were more red. I still can't.
But then we found this very charming man selling fabulous antique silverware. I was completely taken in. Randy found a sweet mirror with an angel handle and a red silk cover. Doesn't he have a wonderful smile?
We negotiated a deal and the flatware mirror belong to us. Randy also picked up a few books.
We celebrated with a trip to Amorino, a terrific gelataria on Isle St Louis.
They scoop the gelato out and place it on the cone so that it looks like a flower.It's delicious and beautiful.
The perfect treat to enjoy while gazing at Paris.
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