Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Italian Tuna with French Mayo. A Wonderfully Easy Spring Salad

In New York, the temperature is 50 degrees and daffodils selling like, like well, like daffodils on a sunny spring day. Walking past Whole Foods Market, I could smell the fragrant spring flowers. Posies, Tulips, Irises and  Ranunculus were all competing for attention. Strawberries and rhubarb were up front in the produce aisle and everything was looking greener, brighter and more alive. 
Spring is in the air! 
Once I'm smitten with the bug, the food in my house becomes lighter fare. Today I opened my favorite Italian tuna, Genova Tonno

and added  Sclafani Capers.
I mixed in a dollop of my favorite French mayo, Delouis Mayonnaise and some fresh ground pepper.
I finished it with a little lemon juice, avocado and wild arugula. What I had on my hands was a lovely spring lunch.
So good in fact, my darling son wanted some. 
Happy Spring Everyone!

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