Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cookie Bracelets

Joumana has a wonderful blog at Taste of Beirut. She's an inventive and intuitive cook. Her  Lebanese recipes are wonderful. A couple of weeks ago I made the Bracelet Cookies, mine were more like bangles but were loved by the sweet girls I gave them too.
They are fairly easy to make. The mahlab, a spice made from a certain type of cherry pit. I was lucky enough to find it at my local middle eastern store. 
Maya, my neighbor was the first girl I gave bracelets too. She loved them and I was able to snap this lovely photo of her.
Laura is my daughter's best friend. They have known each other since they were 2.  It was her 18th Birthday and I though a little jewelery was in order. 
 She was absolutely delighted with the bracelets. What's better than being 18 with a wonderful future ahead of you? Being 18 sporting yummy bracelets!

I hear both girls wore them to school the next day. Joumana, your a trend setter! The recipe is easy, but I ground my lavender a bit too much. I would just leave it whole. I would also roll the bracelets thinner. They puff as they bake, which makes them smaller than you would expect. These would make great birthday party favors, or even napkin rings. 
Take a look at taste of Beirut, I think you will like what you see. 
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Contest winner announced

Congratulations to Shannon for getting the most votes for the "Worst Meals Your Mother Made" contest.

Thanks to everyone who read or commented on the blog.

Guest Blogger Randy Ashton

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Winner will be announced later today

Shannon, Lyndsey and Katie are in the lead to win the Better Crock Party cookbook.  The winner will be announced tomorrow.

If you are Shannon, Lyndsey or Katie, please contact me at so that I can get in touch with you.

Thanks to everyone who posted or read the blog.