Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Quick but Satisfying Lunch

The thing about being in the country is that your always hungry. Whether it's the fresh air, exercise (sitting on the train reading is rather strenuous) or just picking vegetables in the garden, I find I'm always hungry when someone mentions lunch. Lynn took us to her chicken man, who had an Airstream trailor he had configured to roast chickens. At the bottom of the roaster he cooked sliced potatoes in the chicken drippings. The aroma was enticing.
Just look at those potatoes, couldn't you just take a fork to them? And let me tell you, the chicken was spot on also.
The chicken man was a delight. he had decorated the inside with Vintage American signs. Give us a smile, I ask, and he obliged.
The next stop was for macaroons at the local Patisserie.
Sweet and crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, they were as good as they looked.
Lynn said the best way to have the chicken man's potatoes was to saute them with garlic. We quickly minced garlic and sauteed the potatoes. She was right, they were rich and flavorful with just a touch of garlic and sea salt. 
Our french chicken was delicious. We popped him in the oven just to keep him warm. Perfectly cooked and well seasoned, we devoured him with hardly a bit left. 
What do you crave most after a satisfying lunch? A nap of course, we relaxed in the garden under the soft Auvergne sunshine.  If you look closely you will see Lily the cat, Kelly is offering her a caress.
These lovely garden shoes drew my attention. I mean really, even the shoes in France are beautiful.
All photos and text belong to The Gypsy Chef


  1. You're right..everything is beautiful in France..so sorry we didn't get back this year..

    It's just so..perfect.

  2. What a lovely adventure you had...I am jealous!
    Thanks for taking us along! The chicken looks wonderful...I can just taste it!

  3. Hey Gypsy, I'm glad you are eating so well. That's easy to do in Spain and France (smile). Probably other areas of Europe too! Oh, and those shoes look very French. I remember people wearing well made yard shoes like that. They are kind of like my Crocs (smile again)...

  4. I love this post. I want the chicken, the potatoes, the colorful macarons (loved that photo) and then a nap. Perfect day.

  5. Sure miss your posts, Pam. Hope everything is ok.
    Love,Hungry Dog