Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Hot Summer's Night

 I was really in need of a distraction this weekend. I actually had some time off and invited visiting family over. It grew from 4 guests to a whopping 14 guests including ourselves. The three youngest were 5 years old. The kids were sweet and so delicious you could eat them with a spoon.
Because I was in need of a distraction I cooked for hours. 
The menu ran as follows;
Fresh Mozzarella with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Basil
Antipasti Plate
Littleneck Clams with Garlic Herb Butter

We then moved onto to 
T-bone Steak
Roasted Mahi Mahi with Green Sauce
Grilled Vegetables
Hot Artisan breads
Dessert was the piece de resistance

Crepes filled with homemade ice cream, laced with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I then sprinkled them with chocolate shavings.
I have no pics because my camera was visiting Cornell University's Graduation.  But I wasn't feeling much like a photographer anyway, so that was just fine. I threw in a few photos I like instead.
The three 5 year old kiddies were wonderful. Full of imagination, they sat at my kitchen table, drawing pictures of dinosaurs, houses and flowers. Later as the evening cooled off, my son organized games and races for them.
It was a hot day, that said I can admit my homemade vanilla ice cream didn't freeze. No matter how hard my ice cream maker worked, it just couldn't be done. At the last minute my daughter volunteered make a trip to the grocery store. She saved the day, or rather the dessert. Which was really very nice because she's been as mean as a snake lately.
All in all it took my mind off of all the things I didn't want to think about.  It also made me realize that it is cooking for friends and family that I enjoy. Delicious food, good wine and friends are the ingredients of the perfect dinner party. Really the perfect evening. 
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  1. "Mean as a snake?" Girl, we must be related! A wonderful summer menu, congrats!

  2. it sounds like you had a great time and distraction~

  3. Sammie, you don't have a mean bone in your body. A sharp tongue maybe......nah I don't think so! Thanks for dropping by.

    Jain, It was wonderful, chaotic, noisy and fun!

  4. Hey Gypsy Pam, I'm glad you had a nice time. The food sounds wonderful, and the wine photo above is really pretty-romantic even.
    Hey, is your daughter a teenager? I was mean as a snake when I was a teenager (smile)...

  5. I was at a Vermont house party with 7 others.. we cooked and ate and drank and cooked and ate and drank and gardened. It was heaven. It just seems to set the world right!

  6. Nothing chocolate for dessert? It sounds like you had a wonderful night........xo

  7. Witch Woman,
    Yes, by jingos! She's a teen. turning eighteen in July. I keep snake bite anti-venom handy.

    Deana, Sounds like your weekend was wonderful!

    Tilla, I meant to serve our homemade chocolates, but alas, I forgot! Does the chocolate sauce count?

  8. Mmm... yes it all sounds so good. Nice distraction to be able to send the teenager out of the house for something. My daughter is 15 so I have a year before she can drive. (I don't know if that is good or bad)

  9. Your weekend sounds wonderful and if your dear daughter is leaving for college in the fall hold onto your hat. They all get mean and nasty during this time before they go away. My angelic darling son turned into a nasty so and so in the months before he left for school. But as soon as he came home for fall break he was himself again. I think it is all part of letting is hard though and it hurts.
    Sending you a hug...

  10. Cooking is a great distraction. Lovely meal. Love your rose wine. Great on a hot day.

  11. 14 is quite a number of people! Sounds like you have a simple and yet fabulous dinner. It quite hot over here too! Hope you're having a lovely day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  12. Sounds like a perfect evening! Nothing like making a yummy meal for family and friends!

  13. Linda, Thanks for your kind words. Nice to know there is hope!

    Kristy, Good to hear from you. Ill be popping over to your blog later!

    Figtree, Thanks for dropping by. I've been thinking about you.

  14. Pam
    It sound like you and I use cooking to escape! (you said you needed a distraction!) ; wow! quite a feast; I can just imagine the dessert; one time I was invited for dinner and these French ladies made this very same dessert and I still remember it 20 years later!

  15. Yum!Sounds Wonderful! Miss seeing you? Come on up and visit!

  16. Well first of all Pam, I love your menu! You really did things up to a T.

    Now: mean as a snake? I guess I've been there and done that. My daughter used to drive me to tears from time to time, but she seems to have gotten over that. Thank God, because she's 50. Or perhaps it's because I'm older? Anyway, daughters can be tough. Hang in there.

  17. Cooking with family and friends is the best therapy in the world, and that's some dinner you put together! Kids are so sweet when they are 5, not so much sometimes when they get older. But they outgrow it.

  18. Sounds fabulous. I like how your party grew from 4 to 14...what fun! And sometimes it's a relief to have a break from taking photos. You can just cook and eat and chat and have fun! Sorry your daughter is a mean little snake these days, I'm sure it's a passing thing! :)

  19. Joumana, It's the perfect escape. I love to cook. And as far as company goes, the more the merrier!
    It's an easy desert. I should post the recipes.

    Hey Deb, I miss you. Maybe we can have a visit next week.

    Barbara, I once heard a comedienne comment that you can measure the damage sons do in dollars, but daughters rip your heart out. It's true! Thanks for your kind words.

    Cathy, Thanks! We ate well that night. Let's hope she outgrows it early.

    It was so fun! As the day grew longer so did the guest list. And your right, sometimes ya just gotta put the camera down!

  20. Such a wonderful meal. How lucky they were to be guests at your table!

  21. Those tomatoes are just beautiful!!

  22. Everything sounds and looks wonderful! THe Casal Garcio looked so good I had to run out and buy it! Totally yum and perfect for summer!