Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Figs with Goat Cheese and Red Chili Jam

Impromptu parties are always fun. But the dilemma is what to serve to guests who now expect great things from you. I hate to let people down and but hate to spend my life in the kitchen while the party is going on. Last night was no exception.
Every Summer I serve figs until my family and friends are sick of them. I've roasted them wrapped in prosciutto and drizzled in honey, topped them with creme fraiche and pink peppercorns. I've served them as a dessert tart atop pastry creme and brushed with apricot jam, I've even made fig ice cream. This time I cut them in half, placed a spot of goat cheese on the cut side
and garnished it with the Chile Jam I had bought in Exeter, Devon at a Christmas Fair. They were ready in 5 minutes and were delicious! My figs were gone in a flash and suddenly I was giving out the recipe to everyone. I swear it's the Chili Jam that makes them so special. When this jar is gone, I am going to have to make some!
Stay tuned for a Chili Jam blog!

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  1. These figs look delicious...whata great combination! Looking forward to the chili jam recipe.