Sunday, November 13, 2011


Everyday I would pass this Citroën 2CV on my way to school. I fell in love with it. I never saw it's owner but apparently he/she did appear occasionally and move the car because it was never in the same place. 
The bumper sticker translates; This is not a car........It's a lifestyle. 
 Like everything in France, nothing is simply what it is. It's all a part of a grand scheme that makes life in France so extremely sensuous.

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  1. This is my friends favorite car..:) All time.There is one she saw close to where we live..She lived in the South west of France for yrs..Cute post.

  2. Cute car....and the color is marvelous. I had a taste of living in France when my daughter lived there. Loved visiting her!

  3. I love citroens. My first boyfriend had a fancy old Pallas with padded armrests and floors... feeling it rise up when you started it was positively giddy making. I still remember it fondly. Going to France for the first time... well I rode around in so many of them that looked like yours... they are too much fun.

    PS I always said the same thing about my St Bernard... not a dog but a lifestyle!

  4. I have always been fascinated by the Citroen!