Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My feed is Back!

 For quite a while I struggled with the feed on my blog. It just never updated, stuck in time, it remained 10 months old. Nothing new, always the same post. I would play with it from time to time but never fully engaged my problem solving skills. It seemed all too much with everything else........( Heavens! This could the real struggle with my life! ) Anyway, today Ilse, of Insh'allah, diagnosed the problem, found a solution and sent it to me. Now keep in mind this is someone I've never met, never even talked with, but still took the time to help. That my friends is the stuff that keeps me rooting for the human race. 
Ilse describes herself as " African-born Kiwi from Oz living in Bahrain" . Insh'allah is a record of Ilse's thoughts and observations. It's witty, interesting and insightful.  I find it fascinating, an open door onto the world of the Middle East.
I learned of Ilse's blog, through my friend Lynn of Autour de la Table d'Hote, and Jardins des Thevenets fame. (This is a photo Lynn took of the pool house at JDT). In my dreams, I live here.
Drop by both blogs, I am sure you will find them unusual and interesting.
And if you haven't already decided to come along, join Lynn and I in September for a French Culture, Food and Wine Holiday!
Thanks Ilse for the assistance, I never would have fixed the feed without you! Thanks Lynn for introducing me to Ilse. Thanks Ujwala for introducing me to Lynn, and Thanks Natasha for moving across the street from me, you made it all happen!

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  1. A great big 'afwan' (pleasure) Pam!

  2. Hi Pam, glad to see you around! For me, middle east is mysterious! Wonderful ancient architectures and beautiful places. I'll hop over to check them out after this. You have a wonderful time!
    Blessings, Kristy

  3. I am so happy it is fixed!!! I never knew when you had a new blog up and would check sometimes or forget! One of my favorite blog features is favorite blogs... I can just glance at new additions and pay a visit. Now if I can figure out how to have a recipe index on my blog!!!>???

  4. Gosh ,ur so blessed coz i know exactly what u mean ,coz i had d same feed prob and worked lods on it, asked around and spend a few nites working,googling ,tweakin, the Feedburner wasnt pingn to ,despite my desperate attempts:-(((
    And well i had no choice but to move the blog and start a new blog, am so glad that things didn turn this way for u, yeah ur rite,i did get all ur old posts all at once in my reader.
    Gosh if only i had the solution to my blog:-))

  5. Pam! You're back! Yea! (I was getting really sick of Hansel and Gretel!)
    Aren't computer problems the MOST annoying, pesky things??
    I add my thanks to your friend Ilse for figuring out your problems! We missed you!

  6. Yay! I noticed yesterday your posts popped up on my blogroll:) Great news..How nice!

  7. i was so happy to see you go live yesterday, yippee! welcome to primetime, will be fun to stay current with you again~

  8. I thought the problem was with me. Glad it is all fixed. Hey, check my blog tomorrow for a surprise.

  9. Saw your profile on another page. Glad I read your blog. Look forward to following you here. Cheers!

  10. Ilse, The pleasure is all mine!

    Kristy, I agree, mysterious and romantic describes my feelings of the Middle East.

    Deena, I need one too. Diane at 2stews has one, we should pick her brain!

    Fairy, I'll send you the info Ilse sent me. maybe it will help.

    Nan, Thanks, It must have clogged your blog roll!

    Barbara, It's great to be back!

    Jain, I am soooooo happy to be in Prime Time!

    Buffalo, me too!

    All my fingers in the Pie, I'm on my way!

    Lazaro, Back at cha, Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Congratulations! I wondered what the deal was - why your posts on my blogroll always showed as weeks and months old. I'm so glad it's fixed!!

  12. It's ironic that strangers can be so kind and loved ones so cruel.

  13. I've found some wonderful, helpful, generous friends in bloggie land. That's one of my favorite things about blogging. And it is so much fun to learn about new places. I'm happy your computer issues are resolved and things are back to normal.

  14. Hey Gypsy, just checking in on you to see what your'e up to...
    This is a sweet post!

  15. Believe me, I know all about computer problems all too well! Glad you're back! The French culture/food thing sounds wonderful!

  16. Looking for a BB-Q cook-off? Check out KCBS website for upcoming sanctioned events..

  17. Yeah! the blog feeder updates is fixed. Welcome back.

    Isn't the blog world great?