Saturday, February 13, 2010

Scallop Verrines, The Saturday Blog Showcase

This weeks Saturday Blog Showcase is hosted by Lori at All that Splatters. She and Ann at Tibeault's Table, co-host this Showcase, taking turns every week. Thanks ladies! In case your not familiar, every week you prepare a recipe from another blog and feature it on your own.  Take a look at the links and enjoy some new ideas, foods and recipes.
I chose one of my favorite blogs this week. Kate at Serendipity,  has a variety of lovely recipes to choose from. Her Scallop Verrines looked so delicious, I decided to serve them at my last dinner party. Kate suggests many different flavors for the verrines. I choose a simple vegetable mix and tossed together a lemon juice a touch of French mustard and hazelnut oil from my favorite artisan shop in Charroux.
Everyone raved, it was an unqualified success. The next morning I sent Kate's link to all the guests, because verrines are just the tip of Kate's iceberg. There is quite a lot to discover on this blog. Give her a visit, you will be as dazzled as I am.
I served these during cocktails before we all sat down for dinner.
Sounds fancy, no? Actually we all stood around the stainless steel table that serves as an island in my kitchen eating, drinking wine and having a good old fashion chat.
It was actually quite simple. I julienne golden beets, celeriac, radishes, fennel and thinly sliced asparagus.  I blanched the asparagus, tossed the whole bunch in a light dressing made with lemon juice, grape-seed oil, as well as hazelnut oil and a touch of mustard, both from Charroux. Next time I will add a bit of chopped hazelnuts.  
Kate made her verrines with an Asian accent. I made my to complement my french menu. You can make yours to suit your own menu and taste.
Honestly, this summer I'll  try this with a Mexican accent of cilantro and chilies.
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  1. I love the sound of these, Diane. I adore scallops and this is my kind of dish. Thanks, Diane!

  2. Pam, this lovely post is making my mouth water! (except for the asparagus) I must be the only person in the world who doesn't care for it.
    When I make this...notice I said "when" not "if", I'll substitute green beans or sugar snap peas maybe. It sounds absolutely wonderful!!!

    I wanted to tell you how much I could relate to your prior post on "time". I hope & pray that I live long enough to learn all the things I'm interested in & want to experience. I hate to waste time & multi-task every minute so as not to miss a thing.
    Thanks for adding to my list of must do's! LOL


    Thanks, too, for mentioning how you used vanilla sugar last week. I put it on my scones & it was wonderful!

  3. This was beautifully executed and, I'm sure, appreciated by all your guests. I love scallops and can't wait to give these a try. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary/

  4. These sound and look absolutely gorgeous. Love this blog showcase idea...and kate's is one my favorites.

  5. Oh well done Pam! Verrines are always so pretty..and w/ scallops? Gorgeous.Happy Valentine's day~

  6. You just gave me an idea for Valentine's Day dinner!

  7. simply utterly beautiful.....bravo

  8. Pam, just gave you a dual award, Happy & Sunshine, on my blog....
    Love xxx

  9. Lori, Glad you like them. I adore scallops also.

    Rett, What a sweetie you are! I know how you feel, I have so much to learn and experience I just can't slow down. I think the sugar snap peas will be wonderful. Truly a spring treat. Garnish them with pansy's.

    Mary, Have a wonderful weekend yourself!

    HD, Isn't this fun? You should join us on Saturdays.

    Nan, Thanks! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    Buffalo, Glad to be of service. HVD!

    Neeta, Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! So nice to have gotten to know you!

  10. Pam, I've never been a big fan of scallops but Moe loves them. It is nice to find a scallop recipe that I will also like. Your picture is making my mouth water.

  11. Beautiful scallops Pam! lovely presentation too... love the photos!happy valentine's (^^)

  12. I love scallops and here in Normandy we enjoy them often. Standing around in the kitchen, enjoying friends, wine & food sounds like a wonderful way to while away the early part of an evening.

  13. Well, poop. I KNOW I commented on this. I love your verrines in martini glasses--how elegant! This looks faboo! I love to see people make recipes their own.