Monday, November 16, 2009

Eureka! Lynn is Blogging!

I know you have all heard me gush about Lynn, Jardins des Thevenets and the wonderful time we have with our Cooking and French Culture Get Aways. Well I just can't get enough of her fabulous cooking, wonderful B&B and her over the top personality. Now you can get to know her better also. Visit her blog at Autour de la table d'hote, I know you will grow to love her as much as I do! Besides her recipes and cooking style is to die for!
We are planning another Cooking and Cultural Get Away in April. We will keep you posted!
Lynn and Annalise "harvesting" ripe figs for our personal enjoyment.
Lynn and her beloved Olivier.Bottling water at the source.
The Glamor Girl unloading fire wood.
All text and photos are property of The Gypsy Chef.


  1. Love it! A culinary adventure is on my bucket list of things that I must experience. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I look forward to checking out her blog. Thanks for the link! Nice photos as always, Pam!

  3. Oh, thanks! This looks like just my kind of blog.