Thursday, November 5, 2009

Door Knobs of Jardins des Thevenets

I am feeling pretty rotten today. I'm not sure what's ailing me, Flu, horrid cold or virus, but all I can think about is Jardins des Thevenets in the Auvergne. Sitting outside at the dining table, under the roses with the sun shining on my face enjoying the warmth of the day.
I took these pics of the door knobs and window latches just before leaving in October. I enjoyed the little details I kept finding around the place. It seems like a good time to re-live the beauty of that October French Adventure. Arriving at Jardins des Thevenets, you literally have your socks knocked off by the beautiful view of the gates and manor house.
Inside is a feast for the eyes. Exquisite details become a part of a sensual experience. Red trim on windows with a burgundy tassel graces the Red Room, which opens out onto the front garden.
A gold metal door knob suites this gray door leading to the White Room. Pretty swanky, I think.
The door leading to the kitchen has a brass knob that sees a lot of use. This one I love, but I just can't remember where it was.
Originally green, then painted black, this one has seen years of use.
Same design, just subtly different.
My grandmother's house was filled full of white porcelain knobs like this one.
I love these windows in the African Room. The latches are beautiful. We had just arrived and Randy had stripped to his boxers, poured himself a glass of red wine and declared, "I'm so glad my life on Earth is over, it's so much easier now."
This one reminds me of my Grandmother's kitchen door.
Can't remember where this door is, but it's a bit unusual.
I love this knocker.
Kinda of medieval churchy if you ask me.
This one is very elegant.
I never realized how many red doors there were.
Tassels seem to make all the difference. As soon as I am feeling better, I am running out and buying tons of tassels to put on my windows.
All text and photos belong to The Gypsy Chef.

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  1. What a good idea to take photos of those lovely, small details during your travels. Hope you feel better!