Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Musee d'Orsay, Where Masterpieces are Lurking Around Every Corner.

My dear friend Randy is a hedonist. He is like a cat who always finds the most comfortable place in the room. Paris was no exception, we traveled in taxis, ate in wonderful restaurants, drank delicious wines and traveled first class when we did ride the train. The day we decided to head to the Musee d'Orsay was no exception. After breakfast and a short nap we found ourselves in a taxi barreling along Quai de la Tournelle headed to the museum,
Once we bought our tickets and entered the Old Train station we were amazed by the beauty and expanse of the place.It was large, and full of natural light, perfect for viewing all our favorite masterpieces. This clock was only the beginning of the many beauteous things we saw.
These sculptures caught my eye last time I visited with my daughter, so I had to see them again.
There is something about the romance of the desert and a nomadic life that captures my imagination. Am I alone?
And of course, this is one of my favorite paintings. Given the opportunity I would have climbed on the back of this man's horse.
I always love standing behind this clock and viewing Paris through it's glass face.
In one of the many alcoves leading off the main hall, we saw this artist copying this painting.
I could have watched her all day.
I fell in love with Van Gogh that day. I had always liked his paintings, but that day his work struck a chord in me.

As we turned corners we kept seeing the world's most famous masterpieces one after another. Randy and I couldn't get enough.

Randy kept saying "Snap this one, snap that one!".By accident, while wondering around we found the Chat Noir exhibit. We both loved it.All the characters, and back drops cut out of black paper must have made an exotic theater experience.All this art had certainly piqued our appetite. We found the restaurant and a seat.
After ordering we toasted our friendship.
I had ordered a leek quiche, served with a side of rocket salad, it was superb.
Randy ordered the Lasagna, which you can see in a distance. Obviously I wasn't too enamored of it. However, it was tasty.
We had coffee to follow and a tasty chocolate covered almond.
It's so nice that a small sweet always accompanies coffee in France.
Especially when it's served by a handsome waiter. The restaurant had another huge clock that threw it's light over the dining room. It was a perfect place for lunch after a wonderful day at Musee d'Orsay.
I swear I will add a leek quiche recipe this afternoon!
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  1. Lovely tour. Thanks for all the photos. They're gorgeous!

    I don't seem to be getting updates when you post. Not sure why??

    I've just nominated you for a blog award!

  2. Thanks, Kate! I will look into the updates. And thanks for blog nomination!