Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vegetable Root Wraps for a Couple of Not So Old Salts

I had sent out a request asking for everyone's favorite lunch time recipes. My friend Myra, from Michigan, was an avid cook and responded quickly sending me one of her favorites, Veggie Root Wraps. Made with Humus, shredded root vegetables, such as carrots, beets, scallions and radishes. I was eager to try it, with a friend's garden was bursting with red and yellow beets, carrots and radishes I set to work. We had a sailing class at the Port Sailing School on Saturday and a veggie wrapped sounded like the perfect lunch.
With the recipe, Myra had a suggestion, shredding all the vegetables to ensure they remain on the wrap and not in your lap. I took her advice and she was right. When you bit into the wrap you tasted every flavor and the grated veg remained in the sandwich, as opposed to all over the tables and in our laps.
I had an abundance of chives and parsley growing in pots and thought they would make a tasty addition. Being health conscience, we were looking for a low carb option so I opted for I Boston Lettuce instead of a flour wrap.
Like a Vietnamese Lettuce Wrap, we built these tasty morsels as we ate them. I packed all the components separately, wrapped the lettuce and herbs in paper towels and placed them in the cooler. Well chilled they were delicious and healthy alternative to the fried food available on the dock.
For dessert we enjoyed sweet and juicy, fresh mission figs.
It was a refreshing lunch for a hot day on the dock.
As a note, yesterday we made them again. This time with chipolte tortillas, spicy humus, grilled red and yellow bell peppers, grilled red onion, cilantro, and leftover smoked brisket. It was a memorable meal! With a tall glass of iced tea and it was Tex Mex at it's best!
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  1. What a great idea! These are so beautiful and very healthy. And figs...love 'em. We're getting some in our produce box today, can't wait.

  2. its so good to see you again, i am thrilled you stopped by so i could come oogle your great stuff! would you mind if i shared your pics on my new blog food with style? it all links back to you, you know i love beautiful things, and girl you got it! drop me an email and let me know, thanks, jain~